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The University of Chicago Adult Reconstruction Fellowship is structured around a large clinical exposure to total joint replacement with an emphasis on evaluating and diagnosing complex adult reconstructive problems, including complex and revision total joint replacement. The fellow will become familiar with both non-surgical and surgical treatment of adult reconstruction problems, understand the importance of pre-operative planning and integration of multidisciplinary specialists in the treatment of complex adult reconstruction cases, comprehend the complex various socio-economic and psychosocial issues associated with the care of adult reconstruction patients. The fellow will become familiar with and understand the techniques necessary to perform clinical and laboratory research, understand the concept of outcome analysis studies, be familiar with and understand how to properly evaluate the research done by others.

The fellow is expected to attend outpatient clinic (two times per week) and sees all of the new patients prior to the attending review. The fellow presents the clinical data and pertinent radiographic images, discusses the differential diagnosis, further diagnostic imaging that may be indicated, and a potential diagnostic plan. He or she will also evaluate patients following surgery with the attending physician focusing on the post-operative function of total joint and reconstruction patients. The fellow is expected to make rounds every day with the resident and attending staff, but does not provide day-to-day inpatient care of the patients. In addition, the fellow will participate in surgery on total joint reconstruction cases, either as operating surgeon or assist with an emphasis on complex and revision cases. For routine and primary total joint cases, it is expected that the fellow will supervise the resident staff.

The fellow is responsible for organizing and conducting the weekly reconstruction conference, presenting an adult reconstruction topic at orthopaedic grand rounds twice a year, reviewing adult reconstruction literature for journal club, and participating in orthopaedic grand rounds weekly.

The fellow will have available to him a complete orthopaedic library containing all standard orthopaedic journals and adult reconstruction texts, access to videotape collections of faculty, reprints of adult reconstruction articles, access to CAD/CAM for preoperative planning of complex total joint replacements.

The fellow will be required to complete to research projects, either basic research or clinical, complete in written form to be presented at a national meeting and submitted to a peer reviewed journal.

Henry A. Finn, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Professor of Surgery
Medical Director, Bone and Joint Replacement Center
Weiss Memorial Hospital/University of Chicago Hospitals

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