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Research & Education

The University of Chicago Bone & Joint Replacement Center at Weiss is dedicated to providing innovative treatment for patients experiencing a variety of orthopaedic problems, including arthritis, infection, cancer, trauma, and failure of joint replacements. It is also an excellent educational facility for medical students, residents, fellows, and practicing orthopaedic surgeons and includes a number of programs certified by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education. The Center is an extension of the University of Chicago Hospital's orthopaedic surgery program, one of the most comprehensive programs in the nation, which has been ranked as one of the top 20 orthopaedic programs in the United States according to U.S. News & World Report.

The Center offers a variety of research and educational programs for students as well as orthopaedic residents and fellows. The Center's personalized treatment options are built on the cutting-edge research conducted on site by the members of its specialized research team. These individuals strive to perfect the art of joint replacement through a diligent focus on the development of minimally invasive surgery, innovative prosthetics and component design, enhanced healing techniques, and advanced surgical techniques for reconstruction of both bone and soft-tissue deficiencies. Past research efforts in these areas have resulted in numerous advances that have had a great impact on adult orthopaedic reconstructive surgery. To support these initiatives, researchers have access to a sophisticated data management system and clinical data related to prosthetic design and durability, as well as the assistance of a full-time data manager.

The Center also features an accredited fellowship in adult orthopaedic reconstruction. This fellowship program offers a comprehensive educational plan designed for all aspects of adult orthopaedic disorders and reconstructive surgery. The program is structured around hip and knee replacement surgery with an emphasis on both minimally invasive techniques and difficult and revision-type cases. Its Orthopaedic Surgical Education Center offers a program designed to educate students, residents, and practicing surgeons in contemporary techniques of knee and hip replacement surgery, utilizing a live, interactive audio-visual connection between the operating room and the conference room. Available educational programs are listed below.
  • A weekly multidisciplinary conference placing emphasis on preoperative planning, postoperative quality assurance, clinical and radiographic correlation, surgical indications, operative techniques, medical and psychosocial issues, and rehabilitation potential
  • A weekly multidisciplinary discharge-planning conference
  • Daily teaching rounds with the medical director of the inpatient unit
  • Weekly teaching rounds in the University of Chicago Hospitals Rehabilitation Center, a program of Schwab Rehabilitation, with the medical director, faculty, and residents of the rehabilitation unit
  • Educational seminars for the community about the treatment of arthritis and other orthopaedic issues
  • An accredited fellowship in adult reconstructive surgery
In addition to these programs, fellows and residents have access to a variety of resources, including:
  • A complete orthopaedic library containing all standard orthopaedic journals and text on reconstruction
  • A surgical videotape collection
  • Reprints of literature related to adult reconstructive surgeryReprints of literature related to adult reconstructive surgery
  • CAD/CAM-generated models for preoperative planning for complex total joint replacements
  • A private fellows' office and residents' quarters with computer access, a radiographic templating station, and other organizational tools
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